How to make chilli con carne in a slow cooker

How to make beef barbecue without chili

As for the type of wood to use, apple, cherry, plum and other “soft” woods give an exquisite flavor to salmon. Heavier woods such as walnut can be used sparingly. As a general rule, resinous woods should not be used; pine, eucalyptus, as they give a sour taste and can even be dangerous. In the south of Chile ulmo is widely used, which gives excellent aroma and flavor. You can also smoke with oak with more than satisfactory results. Again, it is important to remember that smoking is an art and you must dare to innovate.

How to make beef neck barbecue

Tteokbokki is very popular Korean dish made from rice paste (garaettok) and usually bought from street vendors or at pojangmachas. It was originally called tteok jjim (떡찜) and was part of the Korean royal court cuisine. This type of tteokbokki was made by boiling rice paste in water along with meat, vegetables, eggs and seasonings and serving it topped with ginkgo fruit and nuts.

Street-style tteokbokki are usually cooked and simmered for hours. It is definitely not “instant” cooking. In this recipe the dish is prepared and eaten at the same time.

  Chilli con carne too hot

In the case of having portable gas stove, we would just bring the soup to a boil and reduce to medium heat. Then let it simmer for about 5 minutes or until the noodles are completely cooked. Stir if necessary.

For this miso ramen recipe we are going to use a chicken and pork broth and a special tare recipe to prepare miso ramen. The tare will change depending on the type of ramen we want to prepare. In this case we will use miso paste as the main ingredient for the tare.

Tenmillo Barbecue

A stew is the slow cooking of a mixture of ingredients, usually in broths of different flavors. The difference to stew is that it is cooked without a lid, thus allowing the liquid to be reduced to concentrate the flavor. The rule for most stews is to use local or seasonal ingredients, although the most famous stews are prepared in all parts of the world and in all seasons.

Plokkfisdkur, also known as cod stew, is a traditional Icelandic fish stew. A recipe with a rich and creamy sauce with exquisite flavor, in addition, the star ingredient, cod, adds a lot of flavor. You should know that the sauce is prepared similar to béchamel sauce, without…

  Pork mince chilli con carne

Quinoa is undoubtedly one of the most representative products of Peruvian gastronomy. It is an Andean grain native to South America that has a high nutritional value and, in addition, it is a very simple product to cook and quite versatile when it comes to include it in the food plan. The recipe that…

Beef barbecue in pot

Tinga de Pollo is one of the easiest Mexican dishes in my repertoire. It requires very little work and only a few ingredients. However, the result is finger-licking good!

Salpicón is a classic Mexican salad that is traditionally prepared with shredded beef, but can also be made with pork, fish, shrimp or chicken. All versions of this salad are absolutely delicious, but my favorite is this version made with shredded chicken breast. The fresh lime juice and olive oil together with the onion, tomato, cilantro and serrano chiles create a simple and slightly tangy dressing. Salpicón de pollo is ideal for hot summer days because it is light, fresh and super easy to prepare.

A very popular soup in Mexican cuisine, Caldillo de Papa is a dish with a delicious homemade flavor, which has been one of my favorite soups since childhood. My abuelito used to make this soup on rainy days when he wanted something comforting, while my abuelita used to make this soup at the end of the month when the budget was tight. Whether you’re looking for something easy to prepare or you’re just looking for recipes for those days when the family budget is tighter than usual, you’ll love this soup. Made with soft chunks of potato and queso fresco in a light tomato broth seasoned with bacon, onion, garlic, serrano chile and fresh cilantro this classic Mexican soup is sure to become a family favorite.

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